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Fodder products

Many components of our offer exist in different qualities and varieties, so the same component can be offered at different price levels. We take special care of the quality and cleanliness of the components. We can store big lots of goods of the same quality, so we can offer the same quality for long periods of time. Deliveries are prepared according to individual orders placed by our customers.   

Forms of packing:
  • 25 kg paper or polypropylene bag with a label
  • 50 kg polipropylene bag
  • 1000 – 1200 kg Big-Bag
  • loose grain – in a dump truck (minimum 25 tons)

We can also prepare goods in bags, foiled on pallets. All goods are delivered to our firm in loose form. Cleaning and packing of components is based on a modern electronically controlled  production line. The components contain no seeds of any other kind and the weight of the package is always correct.

We are a leading innovative enterprise of the agricultural product sector

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