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EŁPOL - skup i sprzedaż nasion

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About Us

We are a leading innovative enterprise of the agricultural product sector.
The scope of our activity includes the trade of the grain of oleiferous, leguminous, papilionaceous and exotic plants. The priority product of our firm are the complex and well balanced birdseeds for homing pidgeons. We have become the market leader in recent years and our high quality products have been recognized by breeders in Poland and everywhere in Europe. Our products are the composition of the best quality resources provided by verified suppliers. We are a creditable exporter, our production has been doubled for the last two years. We have also modernized existing buildings and built new premises, to enable the development of our production and services. Apart from our vast offer of birdseeds for homing pidgeons, we also offer products for baking, aftercrop grains, all kinds of resources for the development of pidgeons and transport services.

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One of the dominant branch of our business is the purchase of cereals in the country and abroad.

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ELPOL Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa

  • Osina Mała 14,
    98-358 Kiełczygłów
    Poland NIP: 898-223-64-92
  • Mon.-Fri.: 8am-4pm
    Sat.: 8am-1pm
  • 00 43 84 25 749,
    00 43 84 25 816
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